Watch You Suffer

by Tribünal

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Released on tape in an edition of 50 by Colossus Tapes:


released February 17, 2015

All music and graphics by Tribünal.

Recorded and mixed December 2014 by Tribünal.
Mastered December 2014 by Andi "ND" Brunke".




Tribünal Hildesheim, Germany

Meat-free, god-free, drug-free

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Track Name: Never Live In Peace/Watch You Suffer
We may never live in peace. This is a war all against all. Wolves among wolves. The sheep died so long ago. Innocence in violence. Strike without mercy. The chains are broken. The beast has risen. We may never live in peace.

For all the pain that you caused I want to watch you suffer. No
respect for life. Exploiting all creatures alike to serve your greed for profit. The crown of creation to rule over the inferior - just another animal.
Track Name: Waste Of Life
Stalk your prey. You are on the prowl. For you it is a game.
Destroying lives to make you feel like a man. Pretend this is a sport. You are a miserable waste of life. Your throat, my hands, pray for mercy you will never get. Like a roach beneath my boot. Prepare
to meet your death.
Track Name: Rotting From Within
The joy has died so long ago you cannot remember. Rotting from within. It eats you alive. Never free again. The noose around your neck. Continue just to cope with life. A little more each time. What once was beautiful has turned to the blackest death.
Track Name: Your God Was Never There
All dignity is lost. We are crawling in the mud. Feeding off the dead. Everything is lost. Beneath a black sky we try to find our
future. Our cities reduced to ashes. Your god was never there. Face our demise. Chaos reigns.