v​/​a - SxE Sells

by Tribünal



In late 2013 I heard some rumors about an upcoming straight-edge compilation on Cobra Records. I contacted Daniel and recorded a track in November/December 2013.

"…but who's buying?" is a little different from what Tribünal has grown into. By that time I was heavily into production-techniques and tried to get the sound as huge as possible. Also the track is a bit more complex, ALL PIGS MUST DIE was a huge influence for the writing process.

Though Tribünal moved into a lot more primitive and rawer direction after the recordings I think there might be some more song in this veign in the future.

Thanks Daniel of Cobra Records for having me on board for this project and pressing a Tribünal track on vinyl. This means a lot to me!


released July 30, 2014

Lead guitar by Christopher Petersen.
Mastering by Andy "ND" Brunke.




Tribünal Hildesheim, Germany

Meat-free, god-free, drug-free

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